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Alaskan Berries SC-WF

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Unlock the magic of Alaskan Berries with this irresistible flavoring. Infuse your desserts, beverages, and more with the essence of freshly picked berries. Delight in the lusciousness and elevate your culinary expertise!

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This is a professional grade highly concentrated flavoring.

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    Close to a pairing of a Redcurrant and Red Raspberry

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 7th Oct 2023

    Alaskan Berries (SC) (WF) 3.5% (9-2-23) – Ok people, let’s get these new Wonder Flavors test going !!! Now, I will admit, when I saw this name, wondering which Alaskan Berry/ies they meant, as there are more than a few. This flavor was very unique, and not easily identifiable, nor comparable which made it interesting to test. Overall, my BEST comparison would be a medley of a red currant, and red raspberry. That’s close, but still not 100% accurate, but you get the idea. At a few ticks below mid level sweet, and plenty strong at 3.5%, those two main profiles stuck in my head from beginning to end. There was a nice almost tart, maybe slightly fermented kicker on the finish that was a nice touch. At times, I thought I caught just a WHIFF of florals, but as soon as I did, they were gone, so we’ll chalk it up to “floral-free” overall. It presented as fairly “red” to my tastes, and hence my fruit comparisons. Because it was unique, and didn’t fully encompass either a currant or r. raspberry it could be used in an entire plethora of fruit mixes. It tasted very natural, and with only the very slight whiff of a floral randomly, would be the only nitpicking here. An interestingly new fruit flavor IMO, and good tasting. It’s great to start out a series, with a NEW flavor, that isn’t/wasn’t like any other. I’m going to leave this one high because of that, and with only the one slight nitpick, it felt solid at 9.0/10.

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    alaskan berries

    Posted by Laura Kirklin on 12th Aug 2023

    I have to disagree with the first reviewer, this flavor isn't gross. I don't find it to be a good standalone, but with a few additions it can be part of a tasty recipe. I use almost all of my flavors as parts of a recipe, because diy is fun!!! If all I want is single flavors I would buy one-shots instead, So, mix it up! Enjoy! I used mine at 2% in a mix with FLV Cream and a few other things.

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    Alaskan Berries (SC-WF)

    Posted by Daniel Waye on 5th Aug 2023

    Super duper gross, dont waste the money. Look for a flavor called Scandinavian Berries or Fruit instead