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Indo Strawberry #1 Flavor-Cap

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Enjoy the sweet aroma of Indonesian strawberry. Perfect for any baking or cooking needs.

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This is a professional grade highly concentrated flavoring.

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    Indo #1

    Posted by MARTY CRUM on 13th Mar 2023

    Took me a couple days to realize it tastes like a weaker version of tfa strawberry to me. I, myself, am not crazy about tfa strawberry but I actually enjoy this because it tastes like it has layers. It seems like it's going to pair up well with darker and lighter strawberries and im just glad to get a new one that doesn't taste like medicine.

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    Posted by Laura Kirklin on 18th Feb 2023

    I really like this strawberry.I don't think it's going to rock the world like an INW Shisha strawberry, but it's good addition to the CAP line and I will enjoy mixing with it. It tastes like a ripe strawberry to me, not artificial, with some sweetness. Like most concentrates, it will work best paired with another strawberry in a mix. Check it out-you will want this in your flavor cabinet. Besides, you can never have too many strawberry flavors!!!

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    A slightly relaxed red/green/white SB medley

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 29th Jan 2023

    Indo Strawberry 1 (CAP) 4% (1-28-23) – When I received this shipment from Allan at Capella, and saw 2 Indo SB’s it had me curious about the names, and what they actually were. Diving into the Indo 1, I was greeted by a somewhat unique Strawberry. I think that’s REALLY hard to do given the crowded field of SB’s currently available. This was an interesting medley of almost a red, white-ish, with a smidge of green. A green strawberry ?? Hehe, yes, it’s hard to quantify exactly, but that is how it presented. not really a full on juicy, but it had jucy-ness, not overly a ripe, but it had some of those aspects as well. Now even though it was a “little bit of this, and a little bit of that”, overall it worked. The green/white/red nuances stuck with me till the end of the test, so despite it SOUNDING confusing, it did work. It was below mid level sweet, and @ 4% it was somewhat relaxed, and might be able to be pushed a little higher. At the testing weight, it was ALMOST full, but stayed just below that level. If I were FORCED to classify, it would have to be a “fresh” strawberry medley. It presented as very natural with no artificial notes, and no off notes. About the only take offs would be for the relaxed nature of it, BUT, that might be able to be resolved, by increasing the strength. Fresh, with aspects of literally a green, white, and red SB. The finish was the most interesting, as there was just this very NATURAL dab of tartness. VERY natural, and realistic, that really added an extra natural boost at the end. Because it presented to me, more as a medley, rather than a one dimensional distinct SB, the uses would be opened up. Not the strongest, at least at 4%, but somehow Capella managed to squeeze in a lighter, green/white/red strawberry, that was somewhat unique, with a nice slightly tart finish into a crowded field of strawberries. This felt good at 8.9/10.