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Alpine Strawberry Flavor-FLV

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Heavenly balanced and smooth strawberry. Red and sweet like a small alpine strawberry that is picked high in the mountains.

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This is a professional grade highly concentrated flavoring.

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    Alpine Strawberry Truth

    Posted by The Spider on 15th Jan 2023

    Been mixing for nearly 11 years now. I’m a strawberry fanatic and I’ve mixed every strawberry flavoring I’ve ever heard of including this one. I wanted to share my thoughts on this one. Way back when FLV first introduced it, I ordered one of these. 15ml, and paid more for it than I usually pay for 120ml of anything else. Even then, I had been mixing long enough to know not to have predispositions or expectations for any flavor, regardless of price. You win some, you lose some. This one is an absolute win. Allow me to help you manage your expectations a little here. Have you ever eaten wild strawberries? No? Move along then. Yes? Keep reading. Ever eaten wild Carpathian Strawberries? Most will say no. That’s okay. Carpathians are a little darker, earthy and less sweet than wild strawberries we are accustomed to. If you’re searching for that perfect, half-apple sized, sweet strawberry, found in a pickup truck bed full of hay, at the end of a gravel road near the highway, while traveling through farmland in the summertime, this ain’t it. If you’re searching for that strawberry to star in your stage production of “It’s a Wonderful Strawberry Shortcake”, this ain’t it. What it IS however, is that nudge that even the best strawberry flavorings need to attain that more natural taste. If you’re looking to grab that essence of real strawberries cut up in that Route 44 Sonic Strawberry Milkshake, add about .25-.5% to a mix. Honestly, I add two tiny drops per 60ml bottle and it’s perfect. Some here haven’t like it. That’s okay. We’re all different. But don’t let that shy you away from this hidden gem. The price of it does a good enough job without all that. Thanks for reading! BCF and William are the best as always!

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    Posted by H. Grunwell on 5th Jan 2021

    Super potent strawberry. Very realistic, earthy. .5% Alpine, 5% strawberry ripe, 3% Juicy Strawberry and 2% Shisha Strawberry = amazing strawberry.

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    Posted by Tom D on 15th May 2020

    A lil bit goes a long way, not sweet, but earthy taste. Pricey but only need a few drops

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    Flavorah Alpine Strawberry

    Posted by Thomas Richardson on 17th Jun 2019

    I finally gave in a couple months ago and I bought a 10ml.... I was very disappointed in my purchase. Yes it goes a very long way, but even when it's properly mixed, it's a very rich, strong tasting strawberry flavor. And I like a strong strawberry flavor, Red Touch is one of my favorite strawberry concentrates. This stuff has a very different, almost dark strawberry taste. Idk what I would even want to mix this with. Save your money, buy FA's Red Touch Strawberry instead!

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    Earthy and green

    Posted by Tony Jones on 7th May 2019

    I bought this based on these review saying my new favorite and after mixing with it now I have to say it's just okay. In some mixes it's not really that good at all.

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    Posted by Tony Jones on 3rd May 2019

    Very strong and very real

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    Alpine strawberry

    Posted by Gratefulalvin on 26th Mar 2019

    Lovely strawberry extract, the best imo. It's almost like you took a bite of a real wild strawberry and ate a strawberry jam jelly belly jelly bean. It hits on multiple flavor levels, realistic, candy, sugary/syrupy. You cannot substitute this into your strawberry recipes you must build a recipe around this extract. Heres one I like a bit 0.5% alpine strawberry 0.5% wf Tahitian Vanilla, 1.25% hs French vanilla ice cream.

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    The Ultimate Strawberry!!!

    Posted by JohnG on 30th Dec 2018

    FLV Alpine Strawberry is the best strawberry out there...period! There is a simple reason it costs more...because it is an ultraconcentrate. Flavor is superb compared to every other strawberry out there. Plus I do believe you end up saving money when you consider you only need like 3 drops per 30ml compared to say 10-15% of TFA's strawberries. There is a huge difference between FLV Alpine Strawberry and every other strawberry out there...that being the flavor...OMG. Yes it is that awesome. If you are using this thinking in terms of mixing like you would any other strawberry then you are wasting flavoring. Again think in terms of drops!!!

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    Posted by james on 11th Jun 2018

    good strawberry strong i love it