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Cookie Crumble Flavor-Cap

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Tantalize your taste buds with this cookie crumble flavoring. Perfect for ice cream or milkshakes!

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This is a professional grade highly concentrated flavoring.

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  • 5
    Nice and Gooey

    Posted by JuJuBean on 19th Apr 2024

    Tastes a lot like a soft chocolate chip cookie. I use it in a mix all by itself and its amazing!

  • 4
    Cookie Crumble

    Posted by Lynda pyne on 21st Feb 2023

    4% Cookie Crumble Cap Well this certainly smacks you in the face with butter-like movie popcorn butter, like butter base. I’m getting a very soft cookie. No real texture, but a nice bakery nonetheless. The kind you pick up to eat and it falls apart, so crumbly in that aspect. This definitely tastes like a cookie I’ve had, just can’t recall the name. Like you get crumbs on the front of your shirt. So while there isn’t really crunch this is definitely a crumbly cookie, just not in the way people are thinking. I like it!! It’s definitely an additive to a custard or bakery. The butter is really the star of the show here. It should be butter cookie. No off notes. 1-3 in a mix unless you raise want to turn up the butter richness.

  • 4
    More of a delicious cookie drenched in butter !!!!

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 29th Jan 2023

    Cookie Crumble (CAP) 4% (1-20-23) – I love it when you test new flavors, and on the VERY first taste, you immediately think of an identical, or close flavor neighbor. That happened with this one, and it was JOLTING. In a GOOD way. OK, first things first, I did NOT really get a lot of “crumble” is this one, which at first, was disheartening, but what I DID get, was an INSANELY good BUTTAH COOKIE. I was immediately directly comparing this to MB’s … Butter My Biscuit Now, you’re probably starting to get confused, right ?? OK, the BUTTER in this one, was off the charts, in your face, buttery delicious. It was almost more of a “Capella’s Butter My Cookie”. It was far more cookie than biscuit, but the #%$^$%*^@# butter was front and center, from beginning to end. Now I did get some slight crumble nuances, but to my tastes, it was almost a deliciously light vanilla cookie, drenched in butter. At 4% it was just damned rich, and full, with a few ticks below mid level sweet. The cookie was fairly non-descript, with maybe some vanilla notes lightly tossed in. Honestly, I just couldn’t get past the butter. Super delicious, but never in an overpowering way. I hope this review challenges you guys to pick it up and post YOUR thoughts on this one. Maybe, just maybe a little crumble, but more so a light, grainy cookie with light vanilla accents, slammed with delicious butter. Scoring this is going to HAVE to be a “two-fer”. As a slamming butter cookie, with some MORE butter, I’d give it a 9.85/10, but as an official “cookie crumble” I would have to push it down to 6.5/10, JUST for the lack of the crumble. NOW, I HIGHLY recommend you pick this up, especially if you like cookies, and butter. Don’t let the lack of the crumble scare you off, embrace the BUTTAH !!!