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Concentrated flavoring from Flavorah (FLV).


This is concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use!


Note - We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring

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    Not Impressed

    Posted by ken Wagner on 19th Apr 2021

    FLV is probably my favorite flavoring company, most of their tobacco's are pretty stellar. This is sub-par imho...and not even close to the RY4 genre. Very earthy-grassy to me. It's also very light to me, most of their tobacco's are well under 1% but I had to exceed that by a lot to get anything out of it. As a tobacco it's ok, but if you're an RY4 enthusiast as I am, skip this and stick with the JF version as a more true representation of the genre.

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    Dark, smoky, and coffee notes

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 10th Apr 2021

    **RY4 (Flavorah) 0.6% (4-10-21)** -- Wow, this one packed a PUNCH, and at only 0.6%. Not having a lot of bacco experience to pull from, this one was super charged, right out of the gate. It was like NO other RY4 I'd ever tried before. Most of them, were simply a medium to light tobacco with caramel. This one was a MUCH bolder, darker, heartier tobacco, with definite smoky notes, and almost coffee notes. There was some slightly sweet undertones with maybe some caramel, but much lower in the mix. I did keep focusing on the smoky-ness of it, and it appeared stronger when smelling out of the bottle than in the vape, but it's presence could not be ignored. It almost smelled smokier, and vaped more like a smoky coffee. VERY interesting, and complex. It continued to present darker, earthier tones, along with the bacco, and almost coffee smoky notes. It was PLENTY strong @ 0.6%, and might range from 0.4-0.8 depending on your needs. I can't speak to pairings as I don't really bacco very much at all. As it stood, this one, was very good, rich, and dark, with an almost smoky/coffee like finish, that was below mid level sweet. Coming from a non-bacco-er, this one surprised me, and testing it was an interesting affair. Very NOT like any RY4 I've tried before, so rating this will be complicated. It did not present as a light bacco with Caramel, but much, much more. My gut is telling me to rate high, purely out of the taste profiles alone, and the convincing aspects of the smoky/coffee notes. Too dark and smoky delicious to not go with a **9.5/10**. https://vapingcommunity.co.uk/t/flavorah-tasting-notes-single-flavor-tests-sessiondrummer/1881