Ripe Mango-FLV

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Concentrated flavoring from Flavorah (FLV).


This is concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use!


Note - We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring

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    Powerhouse, mid-region Mango, plenty ripe and natural tasting

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 10th Apr 2021

    **Ripe Mango (Flavorah) 0.8% (4-10-21)** -- Well there's NO mistaking you've got Mango in this one. Nice, full, rich, and plenty of mid body notes with this one. I haven't tried the Sweet Mango yet, and this one is almost 1/2 way to mid sweet, so it's more about the fruit and less about the sweet. Ripe IS the moral of the story here, and plenty of it, and I think that is what drove the MID region of notes in this one. A very few high sparkly notes, and some low end notes. Pretty damned natural to my tastes, and although 0.8% didn't feel too high, you could probably range this one 0.5-0.8%. Nothing out of place, and it DID leave me wanting just a few more high end sparkly notes on the top end. Perhaps the Sweet Mango will punch more of the high end, and it could be used in conjunction with this one, like we combine FLV's Coconut and Sweet Coconut. It was fairly juicy, and very true to it's name, and it had no off notes that I could pick up on. This one seemed like a really natural tasting, powerhouse, mid-region Mango, with a few high, and low notes, that was below mid level sweet. Very solid performer, and felt great at **8.5/10**.