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Concentrated flavoring from Flavorah (FLV).


This is concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use!


Note - We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring

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    A super unique Pear that mimics canned pears w./ syrup

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 10th Apr 2021

    **Pearesto (Flavorah) 0.8% (4-10-21)** -- This one continued to be a mystery to me from smelling it in the bottle, to during the steep, to testing it. I think I FINALLY have it figured out, BUT, hehe, you'll have to read on. This is indeed, a Pear. Nice, juicy, and fairly ripe, but with some fresh undertones built in for good measure. It DID have an intriguing note that persisted from beginning to end, and from smelling it in the bottle. This note, MAY decide if this flavor is right for you, or not. To my tastes, it wasn't off-putting, but it continued to mystify me, up until JUST now. I know exactly what Flavorah was trying to reproduce, and that's the canned, sweetened pear taste. Ever eaten pear out of a can with syrup ?? It's not that it actually tastes LIKE a can, but there's just this "something", that you know when you taste it. I think THAT, is what Flavorah was trying to accomplish here. I struggled throughout TWO tester tanks to try and decide how to explain it, but I think I can. It's almost a CELERY note !!!! Yes, yes, I know how that sounds, and how you'll try and decipher how exactly a Pear with Celery might taste, hehe. It eluded me for QUITE a while, but I finally think THAT, is the best way to describe it. Now, what does that do, TO a Pear ?? It gives it a VERY close likeness to canned pears in syrup. Literally. NOW, this WILL be the deciding factor as to whether this is a hero or zero for you, so be advised, it's IN there. To me, despite the fact that once I decided it was celery-like, I couldn't UN-taste it, it really didn't hurt the flavor at all, and when comparing to the aforementioned canned/syrup pear taste, I think it DOES work, specifically for that type of flavor. Not off-putting (to me), and felt plenty strong at 0.8%, and sweetness was almost below mid level. What I DIDN'T get from this was any "sugar sand" effect, but that was about it. Some may say the "celery" that I was getting COULD be replication of the skin, and that could be in play as well. All in, a VERY interesting Pear, minus any sugar sand notes, but with some VERY unique "celery like" aspects that could mimic canned syrup pears, or even skin. The extra note(s) worked for me, so the only real take offs would be for the missing sugar-sand/grit. Very uniquely set at **9.2/10**.