Pancake Flavor-SC-WF

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We don't just flip pancakes, we flip taste buds! Give this Pancake flavor a whirl, and we guarantee you'll be doing cartwheels of joy.

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This is a professional grade highly concentrated flavoring.

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  • 5
    wf pancake

    Posted by Laura Kirklin on 22nd Nov 2022

    I really like this stuff! Tastes like it should. I learned from Lynda Pyne to use it in custard recipes in place of a cake, and I much prefer it! I've never like cake in my custards. Give it a shot!

  • 3
    Smelled more like a Pancake than it tasted, but still good

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 2nd Apr 2022

    **Pancake (WF) 3.5%/1.75% (4-2-22)** -- Alrighty, it's GO TIME. After much peer pressure from @Lynda_Marie, I had to push this one to the TOP, as, well, I have a Pancake problem. Alright, you may notice I DUAL tested this one @ both 3.5%, and then dropped to 1.75%. I went through three testers to try and figure out what was going on here. It smelled VERY close to pancakes, but something seemed to get lost in the translation when tasting it. Not that is was bad, but it didn't translate as well, as opposed to smelling it. I kept trying to nail down exactly what I felt to be missing, and after 3 testers, it seemed like it was missing the heavier bakery, lower level to ground it fully as a pancake. It had the mid and brighter notes, but just felt kind of ungrounded to me. Funny because it took 3 testers to even TRY to figure it out. Sweetness was about mid level, and it did have some buittery-ness, but without an overt buttery taste. No maple/ maple syrup notes, which did leave it fairly neutral. So the question, if it wasn't a full on pancake , then what was it ? Maybe more of a light butter cake, or vanilla butternut perhaps. Again, not bad by any means, but I just wish that how it smelled completely carried over to how it tasted. Overall, to my tastes, it felt like it was 65-70% of the way there, towards a full pancake, so with that said, it felt fair @ **7/10**. I've seen @Lynda_Marie's review on this one, and am VERY curious to hear what YOU guys think of it. Feel free to share !!