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Cream Fresh - Flavor of cream.  Concentrated flavoring from FlavourArt (FA). 

This is concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use!

Note - We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring

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    Great Cream!

    Posted by 100%VG on 26th Jun 2022

    I bought Fresh Cream (FA) for a Rainbow Sherbet recipe that I have given up on. I reduced the Limetka Lime (INW), which is no longer available here, and then deleted it as I have never cared for lime anyway and that Lime was way too strong. There was also "Pomarańcza" Orange (INW) and Shisha Orange (INW) to alternate testing with, but oranges are hard to work with and, even though I love store-bought frozen Orange Sherbet, neither orange worked out for me in Orange Sherbet recipe conversion attempts, as I have never cared much for orange itself, either. So I am converting the recipe to a Raspberry Sherbet (which this is one of the ingredients in the original Rainbow Sherbet recipe), to which I have added Raspberry Sweet (TPA) to the recipe's original Malina Raspberry (INW) for more raspberry taste, and some other flavorings in the now 7 ingredient recipe, and it's almost perfected. This Fresh Cream (FA) works well with Cream (FLV) for a creamier taste, which is one of the ingredients I've added, and with all of them together, I'm loving it so far. It nearly there.

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    Great Cream!

    Posted by 100%VG on 26th Jun 2022

    I bought a 30ml bottle of Fresh Cream (FA) to supplement the only 2 creams I had, after finding it in a particular recipe online, and I liked in that recipe so much that I found myself adding it to so many recipes that I needed more. So I bought a 4oz to last a while with those still in development, and will likely need to come back for a larger size soon to support all of them. It's a much better cream than one of my other 2, which I may need to phase out of some complex recipes to replace it with this. I think 7 flavorings should be enough, though I could use all 3 in some if needed, or find another cream that is just as good to replace it. I need to minimize PG as I am allergic to it and PG tastes oily and nasty to me, but I can handle it OK at up to 20%.

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    BEST cream i ve tried so far

    Posted by Damon Tellegen on 3rd Dec 2021

    i have a bunch of creams. strawberry, sweet, bavarian, butter etc... someone else commented "silky" i couldnt explain it better than that. delicious! btw my order shipped b4 i got the email from my bank....THATS ON POINT!

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    Quality product

    Posted by Serial vapist on 5th Dec 2019

    Spot on flavor

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    Flavor for custards

    Posted by Tenisha on 14th Oct 2019

    Blends well with custards and desserts

  • 5

    Posted by Franco Petrini on 24th Jun 2018

    A must in your arsenal! This is really a good fresh cream, good with everything you want!

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    cream fresh

    Posted by Creamy silk on 3rd Jan 2018

    adds silky cream to recioes

  • 5

    Posted by Eyas Aldaour on 18th Sep 2017

    Very good and a must have

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    wish I would have tried this cream earlier

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Aug 2017

    Just a perfect cream for so many things with depth and subtlety in all the right places