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This flavor is a well balanced and sweet blend of butterscotch & vanilla that comes out with the creamy cooked milk, just like when you make it at home. Great body to this flavor that can be used as a accent or base flavor.

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This is a professional grade highly concentrated flavoring.

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    A VERY good milky, creamy caramel with a cinnamon bun undertone

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 27th Feb 2023

    **Dulce De Leche (Flavorah) 1.25%** -- This one was, and still is somewhat of a mystery to me, and after 3 testers, I'm STILL figuring it out. First off, it was good, REAL good, BUT, it wasn't like a DDL, at least like I expected. Most times when you test as much as I do, and you JUST fill up and taste, sometimes a flavor needs some time to "settle in", before you can really get a good sense of it. This one WAS like that, and at first, I could have sworn it was a cinnamon bun, wrapped up in a deliciously sweet creamy blanket. I even double checked the bottle, just to make sure. As the flavor "settled in", it transformed into more sweet and creamy, BUT, the cinnamon bun undertones never left. What was interesting was that I did get a good caramel, BUT, it was NOT the top note, and nor was the milk. Both were there, but almost like supporting characters, very present, but NOT the main star. Perhaps I was over thinking the cinnamon, and while in no way overpowering, just really kept me going back to a cinnamon bun just drenched in sweet creameries, with caramel, and light milk undertones. At times I wondered if it was more of a [Mexican Cajeta](https://www.tablespoon.com/recipes/cajeta-mexican-caramel-sauce/18545c11-f2d9-4c6c-8234-41fc67d68720), BUT, without the goat milk. Wow, this one WAS good, and very rich and satisfying at only 1.25%. While not what I had expected, it was a VERY good flavor, and dare I say, almost perfect by itself. No off-notes, and a few ticks above mid level sweet, this Creamy, Caramely, Milky, Cinnamon Bunny flavor was far more than I had expected. If any of the aforementioned appeals to you, you may want to pick this unique one up. Struggling with the scoring comparing to the more traditional DDL's I've had, it was just too hard to knock this one down. Leaving it very high @ **9.85/10**.

  • 5
    Dulce de Leches

    Posted by Lynda pyne on 3rd Feb 2023

    Tested at 2.5% Rich, buttery smooth silky caramel with notes of vanilla. Awesome mouthfeel, great silky finish. Might be my favorite yet. I’ve heard people say there is a buteric note until it steeps. If you sensitive to that, just note. I’m not and this mixes well with just about everything I’ve mixed with it.