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Dessert Chocolate Flavor-SSA

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Intensive chocolate taste, deep and dark, rich with cocoa.

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This is a professional grade highly concentrated flavoring.

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  • 5
    Chocolate is making a comeback!

    Posted by DeeeGenerate on 22nd Jul 2021

    This one leans towards dark chocolate, but there’s a cakeyness & sweetness which pulls it closer to midline. There’s also a smooth, light creaminess in here to keep it from getting dry. In any case, it’s soooo good. SSA has really impressed me so far, and I’m happy that getting a good chocolate flavor has gotten so much easier!

  • 5

    Posted by ken Wagner on 19th Apr 2021

    Chocolates are notoriously crappy, this one is a clear exception. While I don't have extensive testing with it, I fear that like many flavors that are 'super concentrates' that the flavor will quickly die out over time. S&V is excellent and seems mostly ok after a week or so...but I'm not confident the flavor sticks around for the long haul. That being said, it should be in everyone's arsenal. Flavor is is dark though and as such is a coil killer if used beyond small percentages.

  • 5
    A delicious chocolate with cake undertones

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 17th Sep 2020

    Dessert Chocolate (SSA) 0.85% (9-16-20) – FIRST ONE on deck, and I chose a DARK ONE at that. I KNEW this was a KNOCK OUT flavor. Chocolates are hard to get right, whether it’s Band Aids in Milk Chocolates, or Dark and Bitter/Dry in Dark Chocolates. This one had NO off-putting notes whatsoever. I can’t think of a direct comparison, but at first FLV’s Red Velvet came to mind, as it had some very good almost cake elements to it. No Band Aid, no dryness, no bitterness. At this testing weight, it was very nice, rich, and full. It could even be used lower if needed, so we are talking Ultra concentrates at this level and lower. The chocolate leaned darker, but wasn’t a full “Dark” chocolate, and the cakey-ness could not be denied, and it really pulled it into a desert type flavor. The cake notes (or whatever you deem them to be) really pulled this into a unique category all it’s own, much like Wonder Flavor’s Smores Cupcake did. All in, this first one, was far better than I expected, AND, at a very low mixing rate. Because of the added richness (cakey-ness) I could DEF. see this in quite a few desert, smores, etc. recipes. While not a “pure” chocolate per se, it’s damned good, and should be on your “must try” list, if you are new to SSA flavors. 9.9/10.