Custard Cake-Cap

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Undiluted concentrated flavoring by Capella.

This is concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use!

This product contains Acetyl Propionyl and/or Acetoin

Note - We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring

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  • 5
    A must have!

    Posted by Jazzy_girl on 7th Feb 2022

    This flavor adds so much body and richness to my favorite strawberry juice! It's a must have for me!!

  • 5
    A deliciously creamy mix of Yellow Cake, and Pudding

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 15th Jan 2022

    Custard Cake 4% (1-15-22) – Alright, I couldn’t wait for the FULL steepity, steep, steep, steep, so we’ll just get INTO these NOW !!! FIRST official Capella SFT thread by me, so never a dull moment here. It was actually THIS flavor, mentioned in another thread, that alerted me that CAP had released some NEW flavors, so let’s get TO it. Having a LARGE collection of CAP flavors, it’s pretty rare, and very unexpected to get a flavor that really tastes NEW, that doesn’t share numerous commonalities with other CAP flavors. This one I TRIED to pick apart, find close similarities, or “recycles” as I call them, and I couldn’t. Pretty cool, right ? In the bottle, I thought I might have caught a whiff of French Vanilla, but tasting is, that was NOT present. I found this to be a really NEAT flavor. The Yellow Cake to my tastes was readily present, BUT, it was tempered by something else, something more. At first, I was trying to envision a CAP VC but, without the egg, but that wasn’t it. Vanilla cupcake ?? No. Maybe an almost vanilla pudding, with fairly recessed vanilla, might be close. Some YC’s can push into “baby powder” if run too high, and this one showed no signs of that @ 4%. If was actually nicely full at this weight, with nothing off-putting, and sweetness was at about mid level. It wandered around a bit, which kept it more interesting than not, but try to imagine a delicious Yellow Cake, with some darkened notes, just like the cake out of the pan where it was slightly overcooked on the outer edges, mixed with Pudding, a smidge of Vanilla, and that’s what this one was. No eggy, so eggy custard junkies, will have to look elsewhere. I kept pondering if the slight Vanilla I was getting was CAP’s French Vanilla, but every time I focused on it, the answer was no. I was very surprised by this one, and had completely expected to notice/identify a previous CAP nuance, but, it never revealed that. Moderately sweet, and with an overall smooth, and almost creamy-like aspect, that did keep you coming back, this one proved to be interesting, and addictive, AND, could almost stand on it’s own. What will be neat about this one, is it’s uses. Custards, cakes (duh), but bakeries, and much more could benefit from this, as it straddled a few different profiles. Not just a custard,or just a cake, but actually BOTH, and with some delicious pudding thrown in on top. Having been unable to put it down yet, I think 9.4/10 outta about sum it up.