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TASTY! Just the right amount of orange blended with the soft Vanilla/Cream on the backend. This is a flavor that you can add more fruit to or bump up the cream/vanilla notes with our cream or vanilla bean flavors.

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This is a professional grade highly concentrated flavoring.

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    A lighter, spot on accurate Creamsicle

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 26th Feb 2023

    **Creamsicle (Flavorah) 1.25% / 2.5% (2-26-23)** -- Dedicating this flavor review out to @Chrispdx, my favorite creamsicle stalker. Smelling this in the bottle it smelled SPOT ON, and tasting it, revealed exactly the same. This is/was probably the most accurate orange creamsicle flavor I have tested to date. The creamy vanilla ice cream was almost perfectly paired with and equally good orange, with a slight tangerine finish which not only gave it a twist, but helped it break through the aforementioned vanilla creamy-ness. The two main notes were very evenly paired, and so much so, that you really couldn't tell which was in the lead. The on rush of the sweet, creamy vanilla ice cream carried through till the finish, and the orange/tangerine ramped up from the middle to end. At times I thought I might be getting a hint of orange/tangerine citrus oil, which just made it even more authentic. If you've ever eaten an orange creamsicle, you will be enjoying it all over again with this one. @ 1.25% it felt like it needed more presence, so I doubled it to 2.5%, and it did increase, but not linearly. At the double weight (and lower), there were no off-notes, and nothing to distract you from the experience. Even doubled, it was still a somewhat lighter flavor, so if needed, you could boost up the ice cream and/or orange if needed. It was just above mid-level sweet, and I had a really hard time marking this one down, with the only minor thing being a somewhat relaxed flavor. For a dead on accurate orange creamsicle, you won't want to be without this one. **9.6/10**.

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    Posted by Lynda pyne on 3rd Feb 2023

    Tested at 2% Quick thoughts orange with a creamy light vanilla- light at this %. All steeped over a week. Good, bright, crisp, no off notes, smooth. Pleasant, sweet. They blend well, there’s isn’t one that overpowers the other.