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Apple Butter Flavor-SC-WF

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Treat yourself to the luxurious taste and delightful fragrance of newly crafted apple butter using this high-quality extract.

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This is a professional grade highly concentrated flavoring.

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    A somewhat bright apple, with very light spice

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 14th Apr 2022

    **Apple Butter (WF) 3.5% (4-13-22)** -- Moving on TO the Apple Butter. When I was first mixing these up, this one caught my, errrr, nose, and I thought it almost had some "Fuji" elements in it. After a short steep, that proved to BE the case when testing it. Many people don't even actually know what [Apple Butter is]( Now there's NO butter, but maybe there SHOULD be !!! Just about every AB I've ever tried was fairly dark in appearance and taste, plenty sweet, and most times had at least SOME Cinnamon and Cloves in it. This one presented as an somewhat "brighter" apple, almost medley, with MAYBE some spices, but very low in the mix. NOW, this was NOT what my expected, or typical AB experience had been prior. Because AB is supposed to be caramelized apples, I was expecting much more of the darker notes, and fewer of the brighter punchy notes. This one was def. not an applesauce, but further testing almost made me think of a blend OF an Apple Butter AND an Applesauce. Not bad, and it was actually pretty good, BUT, was it really a full on Apple Butter ?? About mid-level sweet, and fairly strong at 3.5%, it was natural tasting with no overt artificial-ness. I could see a lot of uses for this one, but having it carry the full freight OF an Apple Butter, might be a bridge too far. Not terrible by any means, just not 100% Apple Butter. **5.5/10**.