Catalan Cream-FA

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A perfect blend of vanilla, cream and spices, with a delicate caramel undertone.  Concentrated flavoring from FlavourArt (FA). 

This is concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use!

Note - We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring

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  • 3
    Lime flavor?

    Posted by Richard Conrad on 27th Apr 2017

    I want to like this flavor but with a weeks steep i mostly get a lime flavor with hints of cream. This should be called lemon lime cream instead UNLESS the lime fades and the cream is pronounced with steeping.

  • 5
    great flavor

    Posted by james on 5th Jun 2016

    has a very creamy flavor

  • 5
    Creamy Goodness

    Posted by Kim on 7th Feb 2016

    Slightly sweet creamy custard with a spiced cinnamon twang and something....something citrus maybe....just makes it so nice. Awesome flavor....I just love these warm, so flavorful vapes and FA is far superior.

  • 4
    Creme Brulee

    Posted by Steven Themins on 21st Dec 2015

    Reminds me of a crème brulee like the picture suggests. I get mainly a caramel flavor with a hint of sweet/cream towards the back. I think this one will work best as a supporting note in mixes, but has a hard time being a main note. I would suggest using it in the 1%-3% range.

  • 5
    Cinnamon carmely sweet goodness

    Posted by Chris O on 3rd Jul 2015

    I used this by itself at 2% and its very good. Next time I'll try it at 5%, probably would make many great desert vapes.

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    Has a hint of lemon and spice

    Posted by Adonlude on 10th Mar 2015

    A tiny hint of lemon and spice and maybe caramel is what sets this apart from the other vanilla/custard/creams. Another great base to have in my collection. Notes: 6% FA Catalan Cream - d2 ok lemon spice. Try 5% d3 nice and more mellow. d4 %4 nice caramel, mellow, novel spice 4/5. %3-5 target as a mixer %5 stand alone. d6 mellow and less flavor now, strength ok 4/5.

  • 5
    yummy flan/custard flavor

    Posted by amanda o on 7th Nov 2014

    Great flavor. Is potent so only start at 1-2%. Very creamy but has interesting notes of caramel and maybe a hint of citrus.