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Looking for that Aloe drink flavor?  Flavorah's Cactus Aloe has muted white grape & lychee notes without being floral. It has a balanced cucumber veggie note that adds to the crispness and mild sweetness. This flavor pairs great with Apple, Pear, Melon, as well as other bright fruit flavors.

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This is a professional grade highly concentrated flavoring.

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    WOW, I was SURPRISED by this one

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 25th Feb 2023

    **Cactus Aloe (Flavorah) 0.5% (2-25-23)** -- Let's get these NEW Flavorah 2023 Flavors GOING !!!!!! Starting out with the Cactus Aloe, I thought was going to be a BAD experience for me, as I would never taste an Aloe, and historically, I was also unable to use INW's Cactus in ANY amount. You guys OWE me for this one, hehe. NOW, I can tell you I was shocked. Be advised, I specifically dropped this WAY down to 0.5%, and I have NO CLUE what will happen higher than that. My immediate response was shock, that I wasn't repulsed by it. Pretty surprising for me. I got more Aloe than Cactus from this one, and possibly that was a good thing, but I DID get some of it lower down in the mix. Now because I've never come CLOSE to wanting to try an Aloe, I have no direct comparisons, but it presented as nicely green, fresh, somewhat juicy, and had slight earthy undertones. While not too sweet, it rather reminded me of a pretty nice, aloe hard candy, with a light cactus-ing. It was somewhat juicy, fresh, and clean tasting, and before I knew it, I was onto the THIRD TESTER !!!!! Wait, what ?? !!! Yes. I'm fairly sure this may have been one of the most shocking surprises in all of my SFT thus far. Sweetness was almost at about mid level, and honestly, I've read of people testing this at 3%, and God only knows what THAT was like, because at the low, low, low testing weight of 0.5% it was very present, with (shockingly) nothing off-putting, and no overt florals. I did keep thinking of an Aloe hard candy, lightly kissed by a cactus as my main take away. Testing flavors you either KNOW you won't like, or THINK you won't like are often the hardest, especially the scoring. Although this flavor would never typically end up on my racks, I'm really glad it did. If you want/like a fresh, green Aloe, with some hard candy elements, ever so lightly kissed by some cactus, AND you feel it may not be in YOUR wheelhouse, hehe, you might JUST be surprised. I know I was, and it IS going onto the rack. The only minor takeoff would be the very recessed Cactus, BUT, quite honestly, that's probably what kept me burning through THREE testers of this. If you want a cactus heavy flavor, or LOVE the cactus, you will need to boost there here. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but this one will score very high, and FAR higher than I would have ever expected. **9.5/10**. I STILL can't believe I like this flavor.

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    Aloe cactus

    Posted by Lynda pyne on 3rd Feb 2023

    Tested at 2% This is a juicy aloe flower. Don’t think Inawera cactus. This is like one of those aloe water drinks you get at the store. No off notes, it’s juicy, it’s most definitely aloe and then cactus.