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Apple Razz Flavor-FLV

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Amazingly well balanced, deep, and sweet combo of apple and candied tart raspberry.  This flavor has just the right amount of tartness to go with the sweetness to make this a flavor combo you may not have thought of but will be glad you tried.

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This is a professional grade highly concentrated flavoring.

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    Wow, a GREAT pairing of a Red Delicious and a Blue Razz

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 24th Oct 2023

    **Apple Raz (Flavorah) 1% (10-24-23)** -- FIRST ONE on deck, from the NEW series from Flavorah. This one really popped for me, and at only 1%. It was similar to a Blue Raz, combined with Red Delicious Apples. Tasty, peppy, and it had a nice "Pop" to it, with an almost fizzy quality. The apple profile was very well done, and tasted very natural, and while very "crisp" it lacked some of the tartness of a Granny Smith, leading me to my Red Delicious classification. This didn't mean it was lacking tartness as the Raspberry (aka Razz) was a Blue Raspberry style "razz" and it brought with it, a good helping of tartness. This was smartly done, as possibly pairing a overly tart green apple with the razz might have been a touch TOO much tarty. It was an interesting and tasty pairing with just enough smooth AND tart to keep it interesting, without too much of either. The pairing of the Apples and Razz was also done very well, and they were about perfectly even, which added to the complexity, AND, would allow for even MORE uses. At 1% it was very good, but it felt like it might just benefit from a push to 1.25-1.5%. No off-notes, and sweetness was a few ticks below mid-level. Coming from the "not fruit" guy, this one was a keeper. A very smartly done pairing of a Red Delicious Apple, and a Blue Razz(berry). Just enough of each, without too much of either. With no nit-picks, and a fairly unique pairing/profile going to leave this one high at **9.5/10**.