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Apple, Pinata Type Flavor-SSA

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Piñata Apple has a crisp, juicy bite, but what really gets people excited is its noticeable yet balanced sweet and tart taste and long-lasting pineapple finish.

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This is a professional grade highly concentrated flavoring.

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    A VERY good Golden Apple with a Tropical Twist !

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 12th Feb 2022

    **Apple, Pinata Type (SSA) 1% 2-12-22** -- First one on deck for Series 4 !!!!!! Having eaten a ton of Golden Delicious apples, I wasn't sure how the Pinata was different. A little research revealed they were [bred from 3 different heirlooms]( Mist times billed as a Golden Delicious with a tropical twist, seemed to be pretty close. Overall it did present as a GD apple, and the finish DID seem to have something that almost had a tropical twist. Sometimes I almost got a pineapple note, other times not, but the finish was what was unique. Sobucky did a great job with this one, as it tasted very natural, accurate, and with nothing out of place. At 1% (like most other SSA's I've tested), it was very full, crisp, and delicious. About mid level sweet, with JUST enough tartness to be convincing. If you've already got Sobucky's Golden Apple, should you get this one ? Maybe. Overall it shared many aspects, BUT, the handoff at the end, could be JUST what it takes to add another one to your collection. Apple lovers rejoice, as this one's a keeper. Tropically placed @ **9.2/10**.