Sweet Cream-VT

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Concentrated flavoring from VT Flavours (VT).


This is concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use!


Note - We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring

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    Coconut off note

    Posted by Sascha on 4th May 2020

    For all that is good in this, it is diminished by the coconut off note. I sure wish I knew what causes that off note, it’s in a lot of concentrates.

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    I know what mouth feel is now!

    Posted by Shauna Lord on 29th May 2018

    Tested at 3% single flavor, no sweetener. Getting a rather whip creamy taste. Not sweet of course, but it's got a great profile to it. Verging on creamy, but sticking more to a buttery sensation on my tongue. The flavor itself is not very strong, but i think i'm starting to get what people mean when they say mouth feel about a flavoring. This feels like i'm swirling a heavy cream in my mouth. But the flavor is muted to me..Not milky, not buttery. I dunno this one is a weird one, i can definitely tell its there but i cant pin point the flavor. I rather like it honestly, it will make a great addition to creams to give it a rich "mouth feel". Plop a drop or two of sweetener with it, i think it will be a definite sweet cream sensation. Definitely going to re buy this one when i run out.