Resolve Flavor-FA

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Concentrated flavoring from FlavourArt (FA). 

This is concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use!

Note - We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring

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    Quick Resolve (FA)

    Posted by SerenaS on 23rd Jan 2023

    Ok I *might* have been too hasty in my review of this dirty ash flavor and since I am always learning new tricks and tastes, and ultimately have a healthy respect for tobacco flavors. NETs, and now I'm discovering there is a place in my recipes for even this type of Tobacco flavoring. It's not all about dessert type RY4, sweet cotton candy (although ethyl maltol certainly has its place in TB mixes). All that said, I was a bit hasty in my original review of a flavor that I hadn't really given an honest opportunity to try it out (despite owning 10ml for almost a year!). Last night - I mixed Resolve with caramel & Toffee after stumbling upon a well-balanced recipe and a past-due epiphany at the same time. Marking this revelation as "Sunday" (thanks due to WendyL)

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    Posted by Jacob Hartsburg on 22nd Dec 2022

    Don't know how I would use this. With out making everything taste like a wet ashtray. I'm sure there might be some way to make it useful. But taste is different for everyone. If you like smoke an ashes you might like it.

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    Resolve - not a new cleaning agent from FArt

    Posted by serena s. on 29th Sep 2022

    Disclaimer: I've not yet been impressed by F.Art tobaccos, despite having love for the profile in general and more specifically, for the brand. That stated, Resolve falls into the same rut as (many) other FA 'baccos as needing an inordinately long steep time, but never really losing that "off putting", wet-ashtray smell. I could accept it if only that scent didn't translate into same flavor that doesn't disappear with time. Much like Dark Vapor or less so Desert Ship, "Resolve" just doesn't ring my bell. I'm starting to wonder if that is going to be how I feel about all FA Tobaccos but I haven't tried enough of them to know for sure. One thing I do know - this is a flavor I can do without. Maybe it's different for you? Start small just in case