Pistachio Cream-SC-WF

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Pistachio Cream-SC-WF

Undiluted Super concentrated (SC) flavoring from Wonder Flavours (WF).  

This is concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use!

Note - We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring

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    Pistachio, but with a hint of Old Bay ??

    Posted by Derek Burrows on 11th Jan 2020

    **Pistachio Cream (SC) (WF) 3.5% (8-28-19)** -- OK my old nemeis, let's see what you've got. Having eaten pounds of P's, but never having had great luck vaping it/them, was afraid to go back down this road again. I'm one of the few that for some reason Pistachio never translates well. In the bottle I was def. getting some kind of nutty (duh), and almost an AP offset ?? Vaping it, immediately hit me with a, "This tastes like Old Bay Seasoning" ?? !! OK, not exactly full ON Old Bay, but I kept getting that during the vape. Def. creamy, slightly sweet, plenty of nutty, but the AP/ Old Bay persisted. You're going to have to vape this and report back, as this could just be an odd one for me. Nicely balanced, and although some Pistachio was IN the cards, it wasn't ALL of the cards in this deck. Not a terrible vape, but I've had more on point Pistachios before (even if I didn't care for them). A little heavy on the AP and/or Old Bay (yes, that's what I get from it) for my tastes. Hard to guage this one, as it could be personal tastes, but will leave it at a **6/10** with a question mark beside it. You try, and report back.

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    Dad loves it

    Posted by Rin Vapes on 31st Oct 2018

    If I were to rate this, I'd probably give it a 3 because it's not really my thing and it's not nut-heavy enough for me. However, this was my dad's ADV for many months. It's the closest he's gotten to Vape Kitchen's version, which is expensive. Usage 3%

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    Great but weak nutt

    Posted by Germ on 30th Jul 2018

    I like a nuttier pistachio flavor but its still good

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    Posted by Letitia Wall on 24th Feb 2018

    Really liking this one. $ stars due to needing a pistachio booster.

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    Pistachio Cream

    Posted by Paul Hamilton on 1st Nov 2017

    Mixed @ 4%. Very creamy with a mild pistachio flavor throughout. Add a touch of Koolada for the perfect ice cream...

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