Omega Yeast OYL-101 Pilsner

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Omega Yeast OYL-101 Pilsner
Product ID: OYL-101
Lab: Omega Yeast
Yeast Type: Lager
Availability: Year Round
Flocculation:    Medium-High
Attenuation:     72-76%
Temperature:   48-56  F
Alcohol Tolerance:  9%
Thought to be the H strain of the famous Plzen brewer, Pilsner I lager has a dry and neutral taste profile and is gently malty with a lightly perceptible floral aroma and is the first of the famous Czech strains inspiring America’s most famous light, brilliantly clear, golden lagers. Commonly produces sulfur during fermentation that clears during lagering. Watch out for diacetyl.
White Labs Alternative: WLP800 Pilsner Lager
Wyeast Alternative: N/A
Fermentis Alternative: N/A
Lallemond/Danstar Alternative: N/A

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