Lemon Cream Wafer-CNV

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Undiluted concentrated flavoring by Chemnovatic (CNV). 

This is concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use!

Note - We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring

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    CNV-Lemon Cream wafer

    Posted by Davieboy on 31st Jan 2021

    I have only been doing diy for about 6 months. This concentrate is a great stand alone flavor mixed at 7-8 percent for small mtl clearomizer. The flavor is spot on. It has turned into a great ADV for me. So if you like lemon wafer cookies you have to give this a try.

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    Amazing but

    Posted by Mike on 26th Nov 2020

    This is dead on a lemon wafer but I wouldnt say this is what's used in Dinner lady like many claim.

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    real deal

    Posted by Brian on 20th Oct 2020

    after years of mixing and trying dozens of supposed one-shots (none were) ... this is the first one I've enocuntered that isn't a fraud. Mix it up at 7% and let it steep a week or so if you can wait that long and enjoy.

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    YES, it's THAT good !!!!!

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 2nd Jul 2020

    **Lemon Cream Wafer (Chemnovatic) 7% (7-2-20)** -- I'm quite sure with all the hub-bub about rumors that Dinner Lady Lemon Tart used this flavor, and the ensuing Out Of Stock situation at many vendors will leave EVERYONE wanting to know the answer. Good news for you, is I have NO CLUE !!!!! I've never vaped DL LT, so I can't help you. What I can help with is this flavor, and how it vapes. Having just tested Chemno's Lemon, it's fairly probable that those compounds ARE in here as well. As a solo vape, this one is very, VERY good. Now, I'm not sure if it truly projects a Lemon Cream Wafer (cookie), but WOW, it IS very good. @ 7%, this could EASILY be considered a One Shot. It's got plenty of lemon punch that carries through the entire vape, but at the half way point, the cookie starts to peek out, and ride all the way to the end of the vape, finishing perfectly with the lemon. My very FIRST reaction was, "Wow, super great lemon, with a cookie, and some custard notes". Now when I say custard elements, you're NOT getting the VC slam like from CAP VC, but it feels like it's IN there, just hiding, peeking out from time to time. Very interesting. The cookie/bakery stays relatively linear throughout the vape as does the lemon. Sweetness might be a pinch above medium, and doesn't come across as fatiguing. There was also a certain "thickness" that seemed to be in there, that could RESEMBLE maybe some Meringue or Marshmallow, but not high enough to identify, but the "thickness" could not be denied. Overall, this was a great, full, somewhat complex flavor, and I will run this tank dry. I think it's soo good, that it will go on my must have list for this testing run. To my tastes, the lemon/custard elements set this apart from all of your regular suspects, i.e. CAP Lemon Meringue Pie, VT Lemon Meringue Tart, and WF Flapper Pie. For a really good (basically a One Shot) Lemon Cookie Tart (my words), you cannot go wrong with this. Vape it as is, tweak it a little bit, it's just a win/win all the way around. Is this the SECRET ingredient in Dinner Lady's Lemon Tart ?? Time will tell. For the purposes of this test, handily a **10/10**.

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    Just get it.

    Posted by Amy on 27th Jun 2020

    This stuff is really good. It's light on the lemon but that nilla wafer type flavor is legit.