Fruit Hard Candy Flavor-SSA

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Hard and fruity candies. This is just like a handful of hard candies without the stickyness.

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This is a professional grade highly concentrated flavoring.

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    A very good hard candy with punchy citrus notes

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 13th Nov 2021

    **Fruit Hard Candy (SSA) 1% (11-1-21)** -- Well this one turned out to be a surprise. I had expected more of just a hard candy flavor, but it also had a brighter, somewhat citrus, nondescript fruit medley going on. Nondescript didn't mean bad, it just meant that defied an exact description. Sometimes citrusy, other times more fruity, but it leaned towards the brighter side, but always had a nice, smooth fruity base. Hard to nail down, but needless to say, don't think I have a flavor exactly like this, and I have a lot of flavors. The hard candy portion did keep peeking out, and was smartly paired with the fruits. At 1% it was very good, with sweetness a tick above mid level, as expected for a candy, but not fatiguing. Thankfully, unlike the previous Dark Blackberry, this one was full steam ahead in deliciousness, and had nothing off putting. Sobucky advertised the flavor as the candy shown on the product page and that was pretty close, with some high end punchy, almost citrus notes tossed in. Nicely done, refreshing, and pretty good on it's own. Felt solid at **9/10**.