Deep Fried Sugared Taro Flavor-SC-WF

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Have a taro-tastic experience. Enjoy the crispy sweetness of deep fried sugared taro.

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This is a professional grade highly concentrated flavoring.

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  • 1
    Taro flavors

    Posted by Scott Applegate on 18th Sep 2022

    I forgot that I hate the taste of taro and bought this thinking it was like a cinnamon roll no it's gross to me.

  • 2
    weak and poor

    Posted by J on 26th May 2022

    nothing like taro. just a faint, generic greasy and sweet notes. tfa taro is much better

  • 4
    Put some FUNK in your TRUNK, in a GOOD way !!!

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 23rd Apr 2022

    **Deep Fried Sugared Taro (WF) 3.5% (4-23-22)** -- Having never eaten a Taro, and unable to directly compare this to it, this proved to be an interesting flavor. My FIRST thoughts were a Sweet Potato, with earthy elements, a little funk, and a sugary pop. Now, the "funk" hehe, what WAS that ? Great question, and maybe if I'd eaten one I could better compare/contrast. It felt mixed in with the earthy element, and COULD have been true to an actual Taro. It wasn't off-putting, but it WAS there, so be advised. Now the Sweet Potato is/was merely an approximation, as it wasn't a spot on one, but pretty IN the ballpark. I didn't really get much overt "fried" from it, but perhaps that was the funk/earthy-ness, but it was hard to say. The sweet poppy finish, had an almost tart-ness to it, and it is hard to directly convey, other than to say it WAS there, at the finish, and it kept this one interesting. Now, when was the last time I mixed up a Sweet Potato-ish recipe ?? Hehe, probably been forever, BUT, because this flavor was very unique (at least on my flavor racks), I could see it filling a large void. At 3.5% it was full, and plenty strong, with the only off-putting note(s) being the slightly funky earthy tones, and whether or not that's off-putting will be up to you guys. I didn't find it offensive, and as a cohesive whole, the flavor really worked. If you were in need of a Sweet Potato-ish flavor, with nice earthy tones, and an almost tart, sweet finish, this one WILL work for you. All in, even though this type of flavor was not in my typical wheelhouse, it was hard to fault it, and it felt good @ **9/10**.

  • 5
    Exceeded my expectations

    Posted by Mindfloodz on 7th Apr 2022

    I must mention going into this review, I have never eaten taro, so I have nothing to compare the taro flavor against in this flavoring other than how I understand others to perceive it. With that being said, I perceive this flavor to be straight up candied sweet potatoes or yams. I have been looking for a good sweet potato flavoring for quite some time. I have used FLV Yam and it was utterly disgusting to me. If you want mushrooms go with FLV Yam, if you want candied Yams/sweet potatoes, this is it. It has an amazing sweet potato pie filling flavor that I have been looking for. You can taste the candied yams just swimming in buttery brown sugar and the deep fried note is almost working as a crust for me. It could use a little help in that department to boost the crust note, but I'd be perfectly fine with this @ 2% or with a little WF Whipping cream (fresh). The dominant flavor in this concentrate is the taro/sweet potato and it will overtake a recipe if you go to high with it. The buttered brown sugar note is extremely accurate and it brings back memories of thanksgivings past when we would have candied yams as a side during our feast. I find the sweet spot for this concentrate to be right around 1-1.75% in a mix. I have taken it up to 2.5% solo and it was still accurate to the profile, but the taro gets to be a bit too forward for my liking. I get a full mouth feel and a full flavor from this one under 2%. Its a fairly complex flavor, there is a lot going on that I cant fully describe being that I've never eaten actual taro. The possibilities with this concentrate are very exciting. Using this in a pie, pudding, in a boba tea, with a pancake, in a shake, and the list goes on. I would run out of my 10ml bottle of this concentrate before I get through all the flavor pairings I would like to try out. I find this flavor inspiring me to go outside of my comfort zone and push the envelope and try for new flavor profiles that could come from it.