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Super Concentrated flavoring is made in China and recommended to start testing at 2.5%

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    Great flavor

    Posted by Teresa Dewey on 5th Aug 2017

    A huge thanks to chrisdvr1 !!! WIthout your review I would have skipped this flavor. I have been wanting to mix up a cappuccino flavor and I seen your review a gave it a try.
    So I thank you because I went right to this one and skipped the skunks asshole flavors, had I started with them, I probably would of gave up and wasted my money.
    And I love that you gave a flavor profile... you put a lot of work in to helping the rest of us.
    I have passed up a lot of flavors because there was no description and no percentage recommendations... if the sellers would give us more info, and a percentage recommended high and low, they would sell more. Without a description, who is going to even try a flavor like monkey fart of unicorn vomit??? let alone pay for them lol
    Must be helping this flavor.. I bought it and want to buy more and they are sold out lol

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    good stuff

    Posted by chrisdvr1 on 29th Jun 2017


    RDA/ Recoil Coil/ 6 Wrap Dual Fused Kanthal Clapton 2×28 core 32 wrap W/ 45 Wicking/
    Full cottonbacon V2 @ /0.44


    Steep Time/2 weeks % Used/ .5-3% PG-VG/ 70/30 Nic% 3


    Back in the day when I actually use to purchase e-juice, instead of making my own, one of my favorites was GQ caviar, a Caramel Frappuccino with whipped of the first attempts at cloning, when I got into this hobby was this e-liquid. I ordered a few things I thought would work including TFA Caramel cappuccino. ( AKA skunks asshole )I found out very quickly, that coffee concentrates are difficult to work with, and most of them are complete garbage, and not worth the effort, or investment.

    The problem I was running into( as I'm sure anybody who has tried to make a coffee flavoring can affirm) all of these flavoring we're very bitter, and had a skunky awful aftertaste. So I put that one on the back burner, hoping that one day I would come across a concentrate, that is worthy of the effort. Well my friends that day has come!!! Super concentrates cappuccino, is no doubt, hands down, the best coffee flavoring I have ever worked with.

    Big shoutout and thank you to rage is a lot of work for recommending this flavor.

    SOLO 2-3% MIXED 2-3%
    Throat hit 5/10

    Flavour Profile

    Cappuccinos, defined in worldwide Barista competition as a coffee and milk beverage, that should produce a harmonious balance of rich, sweet milk and espresso.

    Anybody who frequents the coffee shop knows not a big difference between a latte, and a cappuccino, and for the purposes of a flavoring concentrate even less.

    I'm going to break this flavoring down, into two separate components the coffee, and the cream.

    Coffee- obviously the strongest component of this flavoring. The coffee comes off dark rich slightly nutty with some light toasty caramel notes. Unlike other coffees I have experimented with it is not incredibly bitter and skunky.

    Cream- I think this is where super concentrates, really knock this one out of the park. This flavoring has a fantastic sweet cream flavor, to balance out the coffee providing a great single flavor cappuccino. There is definitely a hint of vanilla on the back end of the cream.

    Recommended Pairings

    What doesn't go good with coffee? I think the list is pretty short. I would avoid highly acidic Citrus flavors. But that's just me, and I'm sitting here thinking about it, a nice sweet lemon mite pair very well with this flavoring. The list of pairings is pretty obvious, but going to do my due diligence, and knock out a few for you.

    Creams and ice cream flavorings are at the top of my list.

    Nutty flavorings like FA nut mix, or flavor West hazelnut, should really help highlight the light nutty note in the concentrate.

    For the life of me can't think of a bakery, that this would not pair well. one of my favorites cap sugar cookie, and flavor West yellow cake are among the first things I will try. Flv macaroon or Gingersnap also sound like winners to me.

    One of the first things that stood out to me is how well this is going to pair with the few tobacco's in my Arsenal.

    Candies such as butterscotch, and caramel, should really bring out the toasty caramel note already present in this flavoring.

    The whole list of vanilla should also work wonders in this already fantastic concentrate.

    Spices such as cardamom, and cinnamon, are obvious choices as well.

    Not so sure about Florals but we all know honeysuckle goes with everything lol.


    I really put this concentrate through its paces starting at .5% and moving all the way up to 3%. at lower percentages the concentrate tends to fade quickly.

    Between 1 and 2% not much difference. The concentrate gets stronger and does not fade quickly. Still no off notes, and Unlike other coffees, does not overpower other flavorings when used in a recipe.

    At 3% you start to get a hint of that skunky aftertaste and I hesitate to push it any higher.

    Going to get this one 4 out of 5 it's not perfect, but I'm very happy with this concentrate. Below 3% you're not going to get that strong, bitter, skunky flavor. Which is going to make it, sooooooo much easier to work with!!! No need for advanced, flavor bending, or hiding off Note tricks. Would definitely recommend this flavoring or mixers of all levels. As far as I know baycityvapor is the only place purchase super concentrate but I could be wrong.

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