Cactus Apple-FLV

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Concentrated flavoring from Flavorah (FLV).


This is concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use!


Note - We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring

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    A surprisingly good pairing of a cactus and green apple

    Posted by SessionDrumer on 4th Apr 2021

    **Cactus Apple 0.4% (4-4-21)** -- Before starting this flavor review, I reflected back on how I could NOT vape INW Cactus, the go to flavor for adding jucy-ness to mixes. Something about the flavor, I just couldn't get past. Like vaping Aloe Vera ?? Soo, with that said, there WAS a certain amount of trepidation in testing another cactus. Upon first vape, I was greeted with a fair amount of natural tasting cactus, BUT, it was somehow tempered with a sweet, tart, green apple, that made it palatable for me. Shocking, didn't see THAT coming. The cactus tasted fairly natural, with the expected cactus "hue" as I call it, with no bitterness, gummy-ness, or off-putting notes. Flavorah may have made this flavor for me, hehe, as the paring with the green apple, really allowed me to vape this, almost enjoy it (gasp), and may open up cactus-ing for even more people. Because the cactus rode solidly in the middle spectrum, the apple appears to have been used to temper it, and allow for some sweet, tart punch. The pairing of the two works really well. If you are, were, or could be a non-cactus-er, you might want to give this one a try, as it could allow you to enter INTO the cactus frey. Somewhat earthy, and natural cactus, fully tempered, but not overshadowed by a sweet/tart green apple. **8.5/10**.