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Blackcurrant Flavor-SSA

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A sweet and tart blackcurrant taste.

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This is a professional grade highly concentrated flavoring.

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  • 5
    SSA Black Current is my favorite over all others!

    Posted by CCFR on 21st Dec 2021

    I thoroughly enjoy the black currant from SSA and I know FA is most people's typical pick but I firmly believe that SSA Black Current is better than FA Black Current. Don't be afraid because if you like black currant then you will love this one! CCFR approved!

  • 5

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 30th Oct 2021

    Blackcurrant (SSA) 1% (10-29-21) – Blackcurrants (i.e. Black Currants) have had a rough time in the US, most notably when they were banned in the early 1900’s because of their ability to host a fungus which threatened the US Timber Industry. They are still banned in some states. Very excited to be testing this “Forbidden Fruit” from Sobucky. Exactly like the fruit, this flavor had the characteristic notes, the pectin induced jammy-ness, and a sprinkling of the tartness, just like the fruit. Wow. BC’s are high in pectin which makes them perfect for jams and jellies, and this flavor truly captured the almost jammy notes. I think truly defining the “taste” of BC’s is complicated, but needless to say, Sobucky did a great job of bottling it up in this one. Sweetness was about mid level, with some (just enough) tartness, and it had a slight musky-ness, much like MF’s Blueberry, and don’t worry, it just plain WORKED. Very natural tasting, no off putting notes or florals at this weight, and it was actually fairly complex. While running this test, I kept wondering, if I’d ever tried, or made a Black Currant Custard !!! After emptying the tester, I could find NO faults with this one, and could think of a myriad of berry, and jammy uses for this one. Always a sign of a great flavor. Hands down 9.9/10.