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Undiluted flavoring from Jungle Flavors (JF)  

This is concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use!

Note - We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring

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    Best Biscuit on the Market!!

    Posted by Jason Leighton on 12th Sep 2021

    This is a shortbread cookie to simply put it and it's perfect. Better than INW and strong too, only need like 1% as a mixer and 2% to 3% as a main flavor. I use this in a lot of my recipes to give them that little something that was missing, like Custards, Cheesecakes, Etc and it works great. This will continue to be a staple in my recipes for years to come :)

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    Very Good

    Posted by Scott on 21st Jul 2020

    While this is often compared to INWA's version and does hVe many of the same foundational flavors it is not the same. Major distinctions are, it is much lighter in texture and "bake", Less toasted. On the flip side it is FAR more buttery, and in a Sweet Cream sort of way. There's a very distinctive sweet butter type note when pushed to 2%. Additionally, and hard to seperate from butter, it is creamier. If I were to symbolise these between two real world cookies/biscuits I would say INWA is a overbaked mexican wedding cake(minus the nuts) and JF is a a underbaked Scotch Bread Cookie.

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    Like a cross between FA Cookie and INW Biscuit

    Posted by SessionDrummer on 1st Jul 2020

    Biscuit (JF) 3.0% (10-27-18) – I felt I already knew this flavor before testing it, as I read countless reviews stating it was JUST like a perfect pairing of INW Biscuit, and FA Cookie. Well, that’s about as RIGHT as it gets. I actually can’t think of a better description than that INW Biscuit + FA Cookie = JF Biscuit !!! It’s actually quite an interesting blend (if not exactly those two companies flavors, but profiles for sure). INW Biscuit is more of an American biscuit like Bisquick, and FA Cookie is more like a European biscuit which would lean towards more cookie-ish. Pairing these two profiles yields a very interesting result. I can already see countless uses for this, mostly bakery obviously, crust enhancements, some graininess, etc. The slight sweetness could really shift things in mixes, and probably in a good way at that. At 3% it was very full with just a hint of sweet, not overly dry, with nothing off putting, harsh, or artificial tasting. 9.5/10.